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Q.1) What is hard water and how it is caused ?
Water containing excessive salts such as Calcium and Magnesium is hard water. It is caused by water flowing over rock formations which contain excessive deposits of these salts. Hard water forms an insoluble scum with soap and detergents. This sum, though not highly visible, appears on bathroom tiles & Sanitary fixtures, clings to hair, and clogs the skin pores, and makes home cleaning difficult. It also clogs the pipes through scaling. Many modern household gadgets are damaged by hard water, namely, coffee percolators, geysers, washing machines, steam irons and solar water heaters. Hard water is found in many bore wells and some open wells.

Q.2) What is Water Softener?
A Water Softener is a device to soften hard water. Water Softeners reduce the Calcium and Magnesium in hard water there by reducing the hardness.

Q.3) Can the hardness of water be measured at home?
Yes, the AquaSoft Hardness Test Kit provides a simple, semi-quantitative method to measure the hardness in your water.

Q.4) Is hard water harmful?
That depends on the application to which the water is being put.
4.1 Drinking Water : For drinking water it is desirable that the total hardness does not exceed 300 parts per million (p.p.m) as per I.S.I standards. Corporation water hardness of between 50 to 200 p.p.m which accounts for its sweet taste of water gets adversely affected. 4.2 Hair & Skin : Hard water does not easily produce a lather with soap. Infact it leaves an insoluble sticky residue which though not highly visible, clings to the hair and skin leaving the hair feeling sticky & lifeless, and the skin feeling dry.4.3 Gadgets : Hardness also leaves white salt deposits whenever water is heated, this is called scaling.4.3.1 Geysers : These salt deposits coat the elements of geysers, leading to increased electricity consumption and reducing in the life of the element.4.3.2 Steam Irons : The salts deposits block the vents of steam irons.4.3.3 Solar Water Heaters : The salt deposits also choke the water pipes in Solar Water Heaters.4.3.4 Washing Machines : Since hard water dose not easily produce a lather, the efficiency of washing machines adversely affected. Clothes lose their brightness and shine. Moreover the salt deposits will damage the heating elements in fully automatic washing machine.4.3.5 Floors & Kitchen Utensils : When the hardness is very high it also leaves white marks on the floors after they have been mopped, and salt encrustation on kitchen utensils used for cooking.4.3.6 Sanitary Fixtures : Hard water stains and damages sanitary fixtures.

Q.5) How does AquaSoft Soften water ?
AquaSoft eliminates the salts responsible for hardness from the water, namely Calcium and Magnesium. In the softener there are millions of tiny polymer beads (resin) which carry a Sodium ion charge. As the water flows over this resin, the Sodium ion thereby softening the water. Sodium is extremely soluble in water and does not precipitate on heating, thus eliminating all the problems associated with hard water.
When all the Sodium ions have been extracted by the hard water, the resin is regenerated by washing it in a concentrated salt solution (brine). This allows the AquaSoft Water Softener to be used again and again. (The process of washing the resin in a concentrated solution of brine is called regeneration).

Q.6) How frequently does the AquaSoft softener need to be regenerated?
This depends upon the degree of hardness of the water and the amount of water drawn from the softener. A simple qualitative way of determining the need for regeneration would be by trying to obtain lather with soap using the water drawn from the softener. If the lather forms easily, then the water is soft, if not, the resin should be regenerated.

Alternative one may use the AquaSoft Hardness Test Kit to determine the hardness. If the hardness if above 50 p.p.m then the resin should be regenerated.

Q.7) Should the soft water be blended with hard water?
For steam iron, solar heaters .no. For drinking, cooking, washing and bathing a hardness of approximately 50 to 200 p.p.m Is okay. After regeneration the water from the softener will have a hardness of less than 10 p.p.m. it may therefore be blended with untreated hard water to get the desired degree of softness of there applications.

Q.8) Is the Sodium in soft water harmful?
Soft water contains less Sodium than an equal amount of cola or milk.

Q.9) Does soft water need to be purified for drinking?

Q.10) What is the expertise of Pure Water House in the field of water treatment?
Pure Water House is a firm dedicated to water treatment and purification. Our range of products includes Water Filters, Water Purifiers, Water Coolers and Water Softeners. With over 20000 customers, Pure Water House has a strong base of loyal and happy users. It has supplied and continued to service equipment at every Five Star hotel in Bangalore, major corporate clients like Pepsi, Smithkline, Beecham, Cipla, Tata - IBM, Wipro, UB, Baskin Robbins, Mineral Water manufacturer's etc. Over 15000 Households use our products.

Pure Water House markets quality products that offer value for money. We have a reputation for prompt, courteous and dependable after sales service.

Q.11) Will Pure Water House install and service the AquaSoft Water Softener & demonstrate the Hardness Test Kit?

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