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Blue Star water coolers have been responsible for quenching thirst in millions of homes, offices, industrial, commercial and educational institutions across India. This experience of almost six decades, has given us the expertise, that has resulted in our latest range of water coolers.

Blue Star

Our latest range of water coolers have new-age eco-friendly refrigerants. These water coolers cool surprisingly fast. Thanks to a powerful and rugged compressor. An all stainless steel body with power saving insulation and a comprehensive warranty, it's value for money. You get not just cold water, but also a healthy environment, for years to come. The combination of Alfaa Water purifier with the Bluestar range ensures not just chilled water but purified chilled unbeatable combination.

Alfaa offers the advantage of a post-cooler installation, thereby purifying water just before you drink it.. When purifiers are attached pre-cooler, the water can get contaminated in the cooler.


BlueStar Water CoolerBlueStar Water Cooler
Faster cooling
The sturdy compressor speeds up the cooling process resulting in cold water, glass after glass, faster than you expected.
Eco friendly
Its new age refrigerants are ecofriendly. So you live on a healthier planet, year after year after year.
Stainless steel body
Your water cooler will look new and inviting even after years of use. No rusting, no corrosion.
Stainless steel tank
For safe drinking water year after year.
'In-C2' power saving PUF insulation
The special 'In-C2' PUF insulation reduces power consumption and ensures that water remains cool for longer, in case of power failure.
Easy controls
The externally mounted thermostat makes it easy to set water temperature. No need to open service panels.
Speedy drainage
The extra large, stainless steel water tray prevents splashing and ensures fast drainage of water
Sturdy compressor and trouble free operation
Surge drums in the refrigerant circuit prevent liquid refrigerant from damaging the compressor
Nationwide Blue Star network for prompt service
The all India network of offices and dealers provide efficient service by expert, factory trained personnel. Anywhere, anytime


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