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AquaSoft Water Softener

Kent Water Softener

  • Whole House Water Softener with Automatic Regeneration for Enhanced Water Quality.

Get rid of the deposits on your sinks, tubes, showers and stains on your clothing and increase the service life of electrical appliances with fully automatic whole house water softener. Buy this hard water softener from KENT to enhance the quality of water that you receive.


Automatic Regeneration Technology
Based on a patented technology, KENT Autosoft Water Softener employs a fully automatic regeneration process and microprocessor-controlled method to convert hard water into soft water. In this method, the hard water goes through 5 stages of regeneration - normal, backwash, recharging, flushing and brine refill which does not require any manual intervention or technical help.

Time Based Regeneration
With the inbuilt micro-controller, a specific time and day can be pre-set to start the regeneration process to facilitate continuous supply of soft water

Enhanced Quality of Water
During the regeneration process, hard salts like Magnesium and Calcium in water are replaced by Sodium ions which greatly enhance the quality of water making it more soluble.

LCD Panel for Control
An intuitive LCD panel provides useful information, timely assistance and allows the user to change the softener's settings as required.

High Output Capacity
KENT Autosoft Water Softener has a resin volume of 28 litres to supply high quantity of soft water between two regeneration cycles, i.e. output between regeneration (OBR).

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