Kent Ultra Violet Water purifier

The advantage of Kent Ultra Violet 

* Wall-mounted design that fits easily on to the kitchen wall

* High capacity- offers 60 Ltrs/hr purification capacity

* 11W high energy UV Lamp the most efficient by industry standards

* Compliments your modern kitchen interiors

3 - Stage Advanced UV Water Purifier with Nano Silver

Kent presents the state-if-the-art 3-stage Ultra water purification system 'KENT ULTRA' that proctects drinking water from bacteria and viruses efficiently. Resulted from the latest innovations in UV technology, it maks advancement over common UV water purifiers. Designed with a multistage filtration system, It usus Sediment Filterand Nano Silver coated Carbon Filter to enhance capability for eliminationg micro-organisms.

Kent Ultra has been designed for functional superiority. Compare it with any other UV system and nothing will come close to it. And that's obvious as it comes from India's foremost name in water purifiers.



The Plus Factors

  • 3 Stage advanced UV filtration: Kent Ultra 3-stage process is extremely effective in killing many species of bacteria, virues and other micro-organisms
  • Hign output: The 11W high energy UV Lamp provides greater UV intensity than a standard lamp.
  • Safety alarm: Kent Ultra has a fit-in UV alarm that automatically goes in action if the UV Lamp stops functioning.

How Kent Ultra Works:

The Kent Ultra works simply but effectively in the following 3-stages:

Stage 1: 5 Micron sediment filter: Kent Ultra removes dirt, dust and sand particles.

Stage 2: Nano silver coated granular activated carbon filter: Kent Ultra takes out 99% of the Chiorine and organic chemicals. It provides enhanced reduction of taste, odour, color and enhancement.

Stage 3: UV chamber: The 11W lamputilizes the application of a particularly efficient UV radiator with a 240nM wave length, to kill micro-organisms and deteriorate their ability to survive and reproduce.




Kent Ultra


L 395 W 136 H 340

Purifying Capacity

60 Litres/hour

Inlet Water  Pressure (Min)

0.3 Kg./cm square

Input Voltage

100-300 V AC 50 Hz

Net Weight

4.700 Kg

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